Adaptive version of the site

Working on the project and developing it, you always find a lot of different problems and inconveniences that you would like to implement in reality to correct and make it more rational and useful, for example, to make images or hyphas of animation, and there are so many such moments, users.
As a result, for a very long time we implemented one of the most important implementations, it is an adaptive version of the site. The project existed for more than six months, and it still did not have this functionality, we lost a lot of users who found us on different traffic channels and wanted to go to the site from their gadgets, but viewing the site was too inconvenient and difficult for that. The whole text and images were very large and not readable, we needed to twist and rotate the screen to get to the right place on the page. And all our traffic was exclusively for large screens, i.e. viewing and use of the site was possible with large stationary computers or laptops and with the rare exception of tablets.

Adaptive site version As a result of the implementation, we obtained a tremendous result, traffic to the site increased by almost 1.5%, search traffic from various search engines increased by 1.3%